APPLE Plantation

Organic Farm Rosehip Plantation started it business life with apple plantations and during this work we developed love for nature and organic production.
We grow this types of apples: Jonagold Apple, Granny Smith Apple and Golden Delicious Apple…



The Vine followed as a logical sequel thanks to love and passion that we have and that we put in our work. After initial success we felt as we can do more in fruit growing business . Our efforts and dedicated work led to the rejuvenation and expansion of our vineyards in Rekovac, Serbia.


Our goal is to make rosehip plantations. We want to make one of the largest in Europe. In this first period, our plan is to plant rosehip, which is unjustly neglected plant, on 300 hectares.


Our plan is to start organic production of rosehip (Rosa canina) in the coming period, based on the best modern agro-technology.


We are working now on preparing the soil for growing rosehip that will soon begin to produce one of the healthiest fruits that nature can give us!

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And this is how we started

These are our first steps in 2015. In this photos you can see the apple plantation in its first year and preparing the field for planting Paulownia.

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