Agricultural estate Rosehip Plantations

The agricultural estate Rosehip Plantations was founded in 2014. Since its establishment, to this day it has been constantly increasing the area under different seeds. It should be noted that mainly new areas represent the transformation of the abandoned, weedy and unprocessed soil into the respectable plantations .
The variety of fruits that we grow is big, but over time, our focus has been turned toward the hiprose, unfairly neglected fruit whose use is diverse and applicable into some new areas ,like addition to human nutrition, cosmetics and pharmacology, the hiprose is also increasingly involved in animal nutrition through the production of various supplements.

Because of all of this, we think that our orientation towards increasing the area under this magnificant plant is both economically profitable and that it will bring benefits for us and for future companies and individuals with whom we plan to cooperate in both processing and export this treasure of nature.



The fruit of wild rose or is our newest challenge into which we are investing all our energy.

The Apple

We have apple plantations in several locations, and we apply all the latest technologies in agriculture.


Also on several locations we are engaged in cultivation of grapes and rejuvenation of vineyards. These grapes we later turn into top-quality wines known by the label of Levac Winery.

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Entering the world market

Our goal is to connect with companies around the world which will distribute or further process our products.

To become an expert in the processing technology

Besides the fresh fruits, to our associates we plan to offer processed products, too .


We are ready to learn and evolve and to embrace the best of technology and practice and move forward.

What is our mission/vision ?

To grow plants on healthy and sustainable organic plantations by applying the latest agrotechnical measures and modern mechanization and technology.

Creating healthy and sustainable plants

We want to be in touch and to connected with associates and partners in our country and all over the world.

We want to connect with partners dedicated to these goals and trying to achieve them.

We are working on creating a wide distribution network so that our top quality products can reach every potential user on the planet.

Making a wide distribution network

About us :

The areas under different crops that we grow are not of the same size mostly due to our primarily preoccupation which is the creation of one of the most relevant plantations of rosehip (dog rose, as it is called). We believe that rosehip is product for which global demand will increase during next years.

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300 Ha
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A few facts about rosehip

Vitamin C

Ascorbic Acid Content of Rose Hip fruit depends on altitude and weather conditions.

Rosehip hairs

Eating the rosehip hairs can be highly irritating to your digestive tract,make sure you have removed them completely before using.


For preventing vitamin C degradation in rosehip when exposed to high tempreratures soak dried fruit into cold water during the night,next morning drain the fruit and drink the potion without heating it.

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